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Locations - ANTWERP

winkel Antwerpen


Anno 2010
Paleis op de Meir 50 | Antwerp

Palace in the Meir, Napoleon and chocolate

Accordance to the memoires of Bourrienne, his private secretary, Napoleon loved a cup of chocolate, but when he bought and thoroughly renovated the Palace in 1799, he could not foresee that in his kitchen, some two hundred years later, there would be some serious experimenting with one of his favourite ingredients.
Czar Alexander I, Willem I, the Prince of Orange-Nassau and Leopold II, who also stayed in the town palace were real gourmets, and in those days chocolate was very expensive and only the rich could afford it. Probably these great men have enjoyed it!

The historic building is now back in full glory and we offer you our “noble” pralines in an authentic empire setting. Savour them with the idea that all glory is fleeting but what is truly delicious, stays.