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Locations - FACTORY


Anno 2012
Vaartstraat 75, Brugge Sint-Pieters

Outside the city center you’ll find the Chocolate Line Factory. An ultra modern atelier that adds a new dimension to our chocolate craftsmanship. Chocolatiers ‘pur sang’ work with state-of- the-art equipment in optimal conditions and strive for absolute perfection every day.

Research & Development. It sometimes takes months , until a new chocolate is born. Experiment and try. Isolate and combine. Model and manufacture. Until it is right. Until it meets The Chocolate Line’s high standards. Flavor essences are caught in a perfectly dosed layer of chocolate. And yes, appearance does matter too!

A chocolate of The Chocolate Line combines all sensory experiences . Traditional, or daring . Chocolates made ​​with love ...

Unfortunately a visit in our Factory is not possible, but we would love to meet you in our shops in Bruges and/or in Antwerp!