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Why we are different

Once upon a time there was a sweet toothed sorcerer who enchanted his fairy with his magic little chocolates… 

The Chocolate Line Plantation in Yucatan, Mexico. 
We cultivate our own criollo varieties. Find out more here..

The Chocolate Line Airport
Worldwide the bees are in danger. We are happy to contribute to help nature. Find out more here..

Fabby's golden heart
Having a herbalist diploma, and a heart for animals, Fabby cultivates her "herbs from the plantation" whilst helping animals in need. Find out more here..

The Chocolate Line Factory
Our factory meets the highest standards of food safety, therefore we can ship worldwide with a smile.
Find out more here..

Our rock-'n-roll praliné!
With the “chocolate line-spirit”: only the best is good enough, we leave nothing to chance : the super hazelnuts we get in Piëmonte, at the foot of the Apennines, the region of the famous Barolos and the with truffle. The sugar is melted in a computer-regulated caramel cooker, so that in function of the quality of the sugar we can determine to the grade the exact point where most aromas are released. The nuts are grilled at 160°C in warm air turbulence to make sure the grilling is a 100 % even. This modern equipment allows us to exclude every unhealthy, bitter burning of basic produce. After that the mixing starts. To begin, everything goes in a super mixer, where the oil is pressed out of the already grilled nuts en mingles with the sugar. This mixture goes – without any additions – in a specially designed conching machine where hundreds of steel balls then invert it to a thick smooth cream, so that our taste buds can perceive all nuances.

Chocolate wouldn’t be rock and roll if we didn’t try something out of the ordinary. The perfect technical possibilities give us the chance to experiment to our hearts content with other basic material. Almonds, flax seed, quinoa, moon seed, pistachio, pine seeds, etc. can all be worked in the same manner, with remarkable results, and give us the possibility to create pralines with a distinct personality.

Now that's what makes us different!