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Animal care

Thanks to Mother Nature, the plantation with its fertile soil and exceptional climate is the perfect place for growing herbs.  Being a herbalist, that was all I needed to start, so now we can offer you a selection of our self-grown herbs.

While in Mexico we visited a shelter for abandoned and neglected animals, CIVS. Some people think you can keep wild animals and  monkeys as pets, but after a while most of the animals are dumped or in the best case scenario brought to a shelter. There are pumas with extracted paws, deranged tigers that were fed live dogs just for the fun of it, terrified little apes and many more suffering animals. The sight of them leaves no one indifferent.

To give these animals a worthy existence some veterinarians started the CIVS project, together with volunteers. Because of the lack of funds, they buy food for the animals with their proper money, although wages in that area are way below our minimum wages.

My husband and I decided to help the project, so we donated part of the proceedings of the herbs. Mathieu ensures that the money is wisely spent.

The box of imported herbs we sell (9 different species) contains a leaflet with one of the animals and a recipe for using the herb. These recipes are collected among friends and colleagues  in Mexico. They are simple and accessible .

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