The Chocolate Line



Milk chocolate with % top quality Forastero of the worlds’ smallest plantations on the islands of Malekula and Santo, in the South Pacific. This chocolate with its typical caramel taste matches well with black berries. The republic of Vanuta counts 80 small islands with a population of barely 500.000 souls. Vanuta with its earthquakes, active volcanos and head-hunters guarantees adventure. 

Try our origin bar from Vanuatu, available in our webshop, and get a taste of our story.

A young republic with over 80 islands where more than 100 different dialects are spoken.

Beautiful islands, cruise ships along theirs coasts and (too) many Americans.

Plenty of water and so many fish.

Still active volcanoes, a little earthquake is never far away, and if you miss one of those there are the yearly cyclones that give you some special amusement

We travel to the inland of Esperito Santo and Malaluka searching for the best beans that have been cultivated in small family businesses for over two centuries.

There isn’t much and its exclusive, a niche market of which we want you to taste with our Vanuatu bar.

Time is running out and we have to leave these heavenly islands way to soon; we would have liked to spend some time at “the blue lagoon”, the film location where Brooke Shields started her career.

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